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Wet Boat Blues
Date: 10/8/2001, 9:35 am


I just finished my Guillemot (pictures to come...) and am very happy with the boat's performance and looks. Nick did a great job designing this boat.

I am having a problem though: The boat lets in a lot of water and is quite wet. The water in the cockpit is probably due to my porous spray skirt, but what gets in to rear hatch is what worries me. I used the nylon webbing deck fittings, thought I had caulked them enough, and used some epoxy to soak into the webbing on the outside. It doesn't seem to work. I also got some good weatherstripping for the hatch, so not sure that's the problem.

What would be a good method to ckeck for leaks?

How much water would you expect to wick in through the webbing if it's not perfectly sealed?

Thanks in advance for any help-

Jack Gilman

ps: Went to Delamrva Paddler's Retreat this weekend. Learned a few new rolls, met some folks from this list, saw a number of beautiful s-o-f Greenland boats and had a great time!

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Wet Boat Blues
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