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Feature Strip Progress *Pic*
By:Chip Sandresky
Date: 6/30/2001, 1:42 am

Light at the end of the tunnel at last! I've been working on this one for quite a while, watched my building buddy almost complete the hull of his boat while I sawed/glued these little blocks together. The diamonds are Sitka Spruce and the bands are varying shades of WR Cedar. I have 15' of the stuff; the loafs will yield 4 or 5 strips (accounting for blade thickness). I decided to do these strips beadless because every additional joint adds a magnitude of difficutly. This Fillister plane (right) turns out to be a pretty fun way to cut the bevel; I guess I just love using planes. Here I am taking the bead off my third strip The mouth of this plane allows the blade to ride snug against the forms (yes it tears the tape). I'll rip these loafs into strips sometime this week; keep your fingers crossed.

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Feature Strip Progress *Pic*
Chip Sandresky -- 6/30/2001, 1:42 am
Re: Feature Strip Progress
Roger Nuffer -- 6/30/2001, 2:18 pm