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The last coat - help
By:Bill Dumont
Date: 6/25/2001, 6:59 pm

I've put 4 coats on Helmsman Minwax Varnish on a newly built kayak. I did the hull first and it came out very nice, without dust particles, sags, etc.

The top side has wooden pad eyes and the cockpit. I'm getting sags and runs in these areas. Also, working around these areas is decreasing my ability to keep a good wet edge. I've been working one side, about 16 inchs at a time. When I return from one side to the next, going over an edge, it feels as if I am going over an area that is already setting up.

I'm ready for the last coat and am thinking of thinning down the varnish about 20-30% with miniral spirits to increase the work time.

I would really like to lay down a good last coat - any thoughts or suggestions?


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The last coat - help
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