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Any Strippers in Delaware?
By:Andy Hastings
Date: 9/11/2001, 9:58 am

I live in Delaware (I know, lucky me!) I own a big heavy Old Town Loon. Its fun, and faster than all my friends yaks, but its a dog.
I really like woodworking so I figured I'd combine my two favorite hobbies and build a stripper. Although I am torn between a Guillemot L and a Spring run. I would really like to see and maybe even paddle one of these if not both.
I assume I will be out of luck finding anyone in my area with either of these boats, so can anyone give me some feedback on these designs.
I am 6'2" about 195#, with size 11's. I would like to go out on the DE river (deep). I also do a little (very) shallow river run (Brandywine river) but due to the MANY scratches it has put in my plastic I would hesitate to take a stripper down that river.

Any suggestions? Comments?
Thanks in advance (I love this list!)