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Serious help needed :)
By:Pamela Watson
Date: 9/5/2001, 6:25 pm

A couple of years ago I helped teach a class in the building of a CLC kit. I then went on to build one for myself. Then I built a strip built Wee Lassie, and next a hybrid of my own design. In about a week I'll be going to New Hampshire for the Newfound Rendezvous. I was wondering if there is a 12 step program out there for kayak builders or am I doomed to a life cedar and epoxy? Pamela

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Serious help needed :)
Pamela Watson -- 9/5/2001, 6:25 pm
One challenge remains :)
Paul G. Jacobson -- 9/5/2001, 11:31 pm
Re: One challenge remains :)
Pamela Watson -- 9/6/2001, 9:33 am
Re: Serious help needed :)
Rehd -- 9/5/2001, 11:12 pm
Re: Serious help needed :)
LisaS -- 9/5/2001, 9:08 pm
Re: Serious help needed :)
don -- 9/5/2001, 10:08 pm
Re: Serious help needed :)
Charles Cooper -- 9/5/2001, 10:19 pm
Hell hath no fury like a woman with a table saw an
!RUSS -- 9/5/2001, 9:05 pm
Like a woman with a table saw and......
Lisa S -- 9/6/2001, 8:53 am
Re: Youre doomed!
Don Beale -- 9/5/2001, 7:02 pm