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Footpeg Choices
By:Keith Marsh
Date: 9/26/2001, 8:32 pm

I have Keepers footpegs in my Pygmy Arctic Tern and don't like the fit at all. I'm new at this and I'm not sure if it's the pegs or the positioning of them. I followed Pygmy's measurements but they feel as if my feet are forced into too wide of a "vee".... Also, although I'm SURE I placed them correcly, they seem too close to the deck (which is probably why my feet have to be so widely splayed)... and don't have large feet (8 1/2 shoe size) Also.. the platforms seem very small and easy to slip off of.

I've heard that Shearwater Boat's footpegs might be a better choice and will certainly consider them... But I kinda feel that, since I already drilled the darn holes in the sides of my hull, I may as well use 'em! (dumb logic, I know)...

Any opinions on whether the new Cascade Designs/SealLine pegs are any better in regards to foot angle, adjustability, platform size... etc. How 'bout the Yakima's? Thanks!

- Keith Marsh

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Footpeg Choices
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