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Paddle Holder
By:Mike Nicholson
Date: 8/31/2001, 6:58 pm

I would like some arrangement of bungees to I can quickly park my paddle when fishing. It seems I have seen setups on SOFs where the paddle end is stuck under a line up front, maybe with rollers or beads, but I don't know how it is held up by the cockpit. It this feasible with a peaked foredeck on my Great Auk?
I made a number of extra recessed fittings, so I can drill holes and add bungees easily.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Paddle Holder
Mike Nicholson -- 8/31/2001, 6:58 pm
Re: Paddle Holder
Chip Sandresky -- 9/4/2001, 6:01 pm
Re: Paddle Holder
Chip Sandresky -- 8/31/2001, 7:29 pm