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pigmented epoxy?
By:Jon Limebrook
Date: 8/21/2001, 9:25 pm

I'm far enough along on my s & g kayak to start thinking about paint. I've read some good things about two-part polyurethane, but I don't have a source of supply and I don't know if it will be available in the color I want. (I have my heart set on Tweety Yellow). So my question is,would pigmented epoxy used as a final coat degrade from UV? Would the pigment, used in sufficient quantity to produce an opaque coat, compromise the properties of the epoxy? What say you all?

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pigmented epoxy?
Jon Limebrook -- 8/21/2001, 9:25 pm
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Pete Rudie -- 8/21/2001, 11:21 pm
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Jim Kozel -- 8/22/2001, 9:57 am
Re: pigmented epoxy?
Jon Limebrook -- 8/22/2001, 9:50 pm
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Jim Kozel -- 8/23/2001, 9:41 am