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Choosing a model to build - need input
By:Rich D
Date: 9/20/2001, 1:40 am

From the information in the literature, the websites, and personal inquiries to the designers it seems that either the Cape Ann or the Guillemot 'L' are suited to my size, experience, and intended use. The problem is that I wanted someone to tell me that a more efficient design like the Cape Ann Storm or the Guillemot would be suitable. I'm looking for a little more input from some of you who may have similiar requirements or experience.
I am 6'3", 210#, pretty inexperienced as a kayaker, age 51. Most of my paddling will be on small sheltered lakes just for lazy recreation. OK, it may be obvious that the larger, recreational kayak is for me. However, anyone else who may occasionally use the kayak, or who it will get handed down to when I get too old for this will probably be shorter and lighter (although not any more experienced). I also want all the efficiency I can get just on general principles plus I would like to learn to roll eventually. Would I be making a mistake by building a smaller kayak (leaning towards the Cape Ann Storm)? My main concerns are not capacity but (1)room for legs and feet (2)too tender for me (3) too tender for occasional use by wife who has no experience (4)larger kayak would be too big for other paddlers.
Sorry for the general, boring nature of this subject but once I get past this issue I will move on to the building questions for all of you.

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Choosing a model to build - need input
Rich D -- 9/20/2001, 1:40 am
Re: Choosing a model to build - need input
Jim Kozel -- 9/20/2001, 9:54 am