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First Timer - - THANKS !!
By:David Elles
Date: 6/11/2001, 12:11 pm

Wow... I posted a couple of weeks ago about starting my first kayak. The response was fantastic... THANKS !! I have purchased Nick's book and am half way through after a couple of hours reading. I have purchased my graph paper today and am going to get going on graphing the forms! Still deciding on wood to use. . .

It is funny, when I told my girlfriend and dad aobut this new project, they said "WOW, when is it going to be done, a couple of years ?" I sensed some skepticism . . . and imagine that once it gets started, they will both jump in and want to help !!

Thanks again for the beginning of the advice that I will be seeking from this fantastic site. Oh yeah, I have decided to build the Guillemot !

Asking for advice soon...

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First Timer - - THANKS !!
David Elles -- 6/11/2001, 12:11 pm
Re: First Timer - - THANKS !!
David Hanson -- 6/12/2001, 12:19 pm
You are welcome
Paul G. Jacobson -- 6/11/2001, 10:53 pm