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Milling strips a day at a time...& thanks Nick!
By:Bob Deutsch
Date: 9/15/2001, 10:13 pm

Today I started milling the strips for Joe Greenley's Silver & King. I want to thank all those who have been encouraging regarding milling your own strips. I had no prior experience, and recommend others to check it out!

It ended up being fun and easy because I incorporated suggestions by Nick Schade (incredible book), Jay Babina, Rob Macks, Vaclav Stejskal(incredible website), Spidey & Ross Leidy (great websites)...and many others who have posted this past year.

In order to ensure that the strip didn't disappear into the blade, I took the suggestions of many to cover the blade opening. I found a broken piece of formica at Home Depot and used hot glue to create a low-friction and uniform base over the entire top of the saw table surface....for the board to slide over. (Of course now, the top of the saw looks like a kitchen counter top).

My first test strip was 1/4" on the nose! Blew me away! And that is because of all of the suggestions about aligning the blade, guide and use of fingerboards. Many thanks to all...a real blast.

BTW....does anyone know any more about the King (other than what was posted last month)?

This afternoon my kayak building took me away from the daily horrors that have become present in all of our lives. I live a few hours from NYC. I am one of the lucky ones whose brother and brother-in-law were blocks away from the tragedy Tuesday morning, and are alive to tell about it.

I am a mental health professional and every day I work with people suffering from trauma. Now, instead of playing when I am not at work....I am talking about coping with trauma to clergy, sunday school teachers/kids and school principals. This change has become a new norm for me...just like it has become one for Americans all over the country. And it will be like this for a long time.

And today I was clearly reminded how vital it is for me to continue to paddle regularly, escape into my world of building kayaks and paddles, and continue to read this listserve like I have every day this past year. This website has become a part of my daily life. I have learned more about building and woodworking than I could every have dreamt of when I purchased Nick's book a year ago. This whole building experience has been a tremendous source of fun, and replenishment for me. Who would have known a year ago how essentially vital it would have become in my life....and will be in the future.

I want to thank Nick for all he does to maintain a remarkable resource for so many. The great majority of the regular postings by folks are incredibly encouraging and inclusive. That is because Nick has 'set the tone' and will accept no less.

Thank you Nick!

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Milling strips a day at a time...& thanks Nick!
Bob Deutsch -- 9/15/2001, 10:13 pm
Re: Milling strips a day at a time...& thanks Nick
David Elles -- 9/17/2001, 7:59 am
Websites you requested
Bob Deutsch -- 9/17/2001, 3:31 pm
Thanks..... *NM*
David Elles -- 9/18/2001, 7:25 am
It is a sanity break.....
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Liz Leedham -- 9/16/2001, 3:22 pm