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canvas kayak
Date: 7/17/2001, 8:20 am

Can you cover a canvas kayak with fiberglass and resin instead of paint?

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canvas kayak
Clint -- 7/17/2001, 8:20 am
Nope! Cuz then it would be a FG Kayak! :D *NM*
James Neely -- 7/18/2001, 7:16 am
Re: Nope! Cuz then it would be a FG Kayak! :D
Charles D. Haynes -- 7/20/2001, 10:39 pm
whats the heaviest wt?
mike allen -- 7/20/2001, 11:23 pm
Yes. Putz mentions this in his book *NM*
Paul G. Jacobson -- 7/17/2001, 8:22 pm
But I'd stick with more conventional coatings *NM*
Roger Nuffer -- 7/18/2001, 2:23 am
Re: canvas kayak
Tony -- 7/17/2001, 6:16 pm