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Do they break?
By:Dave Seales
Date: 7/8/2001, 12:39 am

I was paddling my Guillemot for only the 4 or 5th time and while loading it onto my truck the bow slipped off the rack while I was lifting the stern up. I was loading onto a 4wd pickup with a cap so it did a better than 6 foot free fall onto an asphalt parking lot. When my heart started beating took a while...I checked for damage. I'm sure it added some scratches to those already on the bow but otherwise there was no damage I could see. I'm amazed at how strong these boats are. The next one I build will definitely have a lighter lay up.

I'd be interested to hear if anyone has ever broken or had a catastrophic failure of a stripper or S&G boat?

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Do they break?
Dave Seales -- 7/8/2001, 12:39 am
Re: Do they break? *Pic*
Bob Branstrom -- 10/22/2001, 4:41 pm
Anything can be fixed, but....
Craig Bumgarner -- 10/23/2001, 12:13 pm
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 10/23/2001, 10:16 am
Re: Fixing
Julie Kanarr -- 10/23/2001, 1:26 pm
Re: Design Feature!
Rob Macks -- 10/23/2001, 1:04 pm
Re: Aesthetic Fixing
Shawn Baker -- 10/23/2001, 10:50 am
Coast Guard cutter style orange stripe *Pic*
Dan Ruff -- 10/23/2001, 12:30 pm
Re: Do they break?
Ross Sieber -- 10/23/2001, 1:53 am
Re: bookcase link
Ross Sieber -- 10/23/2001, 2:00 am
Re: Do they break?
Jim Kozel -- 10/22/2001, 10:21 pm
how I'd fix it. First get duct tape :)
Paul G. Jacobson -- 10/22/2001, 7:41 pm
Re: Do they break?
David Canning -- 10/22/2001, 5:52 pm
Re: OUCH!! Thanks for the reminder *NM*
Ben Staley -- 10/22/2001, 5:35 pm
Make it an Osprey 16'? :) *NM*
Shawn Baker -- 10/22/2001, 5:32 pm
Re: Do they break?
Rehd -- 7/8/2001, 1:47 am
Re: Do they break?
Dave Seales -- 7/8/2001, 12:08 pm