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chapleau crown game preserve
By:brett the hitman hart
Date: 7/8/2001, 3:54 pm

hello everyone!
this past week i spent in the chapleau crown game reserve. it is touted as the largest game preserve in the world at 686,000 acres. i was looking forward to fishing here ever since february when my buddy and i paid the deposite on a "boat in cabin". between the driving rain, and yes, snow flurries on july 1st, it was a average fishing experience. i figured it is the largest game preserve in the world, how busy can the place be? well between the float planes buzzing overhead every 15 minutes( in the 500 ft range), and the horde of stupid jet ski's, i can say it was very busy.

has anyone here gone to this game preserve? was the fishing better in other places? if you ask me ( which i know you're not) the fishing is better here in indiana. geesch, i didn't catch a single walleye. i managed to hook somewhere around 20-30 northern pike....all hammer handles. we had one that was 27 inches....a canadian monster i guess.

i guess i'm just bitter and needed a place to vent....sorry.
anyone out there have any other recomendations for places to go in canada?
fishless and bitter,
brett the hitman hart

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chapleau crown game preserve
brett the hitman hart -- 7/8/2001, 3:54 pm
Fish-skunked wild-skunked
!RUSS -- 7/12/2001, 8:41 am
Re: Fish-skunked wild-skunked *NM*
John Monfoe -- 7/13/2001, 6:16 am
I don't remember hitting the post button.
John Monfoe -- 7/13/2001, 6:44 am
Nice post !RUSS !! *NM*
Ken Sutherland -- 7/12/2001, 11:46 pm
Y'all come back now, ya hear? OT
Ken Sutherland -- 7/12/2001, 3:27 am
Re: chapleau crown game preserve
daren neufeld -- 7/9/2001, 11:47 pm
Re: chapleau crown game preserve
don -- 7/9/2001, 9:52 pm
knows the feeling
Tony -- 7/9/2001, 12:23 pm
Re: chapleau crown game preserve
John Monfoe -- 7/9/2001, 4:45 am