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Spring Run gets wet *Pic*
By:Liz Leedham
Date: 6/9/2001, 11:59 am

The Spring Run made her maiden voyage today. Even in a quiet lake, on a very benign day, I can tell this is going to be a great boat to paddle. It’s a bit like eating a really good looking cream cake and finding it tastes as good as it looks. (Sorry about that, I’ve been trying to “eat healthy” lately).
I am amazed that my first attempt at strip building (staple-free) has produced such a satisfying boat. Even with its obvious (to me anyway) flaws, sags and other wabis, it looks great from a few feet away! I couldn’t have done it without good instructions to start with, and lots of email advice from Joe Greenley. I also got some great help from Nick’s book, and all the messages on this bulletin board. The board is a first class resource and made me feel a lot better about some of the more nerve-wracking parts of the construction – like cutting into the deck for the hatches.
Thanks, everyone for your help and advice. Here's looking at a great paddling summer for all. Liz

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Spring Run gets wet *Pic*
Liz Leedham -- 6/9/2001, 11:59 am
Sweet Kayak. Congratulations *NM*
Ed -- 6/11/2001, 10:33 am
Re: Spring Run gets wet
David Elles -- 6/11/2001, 9:30 am
Congratulations !!! Looks good--have fun. *NM*
John Monfoe -- 6/10/2001, 5:25 am
Re: Spring Run gets wet
daren neufeld -- 6/9/2001, 11:13 pm
Re: Spring Run gets wet
Bob Deutsch -- 6/9/2001, 9:57 pm
Looks great! *NM*
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 6/9/2001, 7:18 pm
Re: Spring Run gets wet
Lisa S -- 6/9/2001, 3:49 pm
Re: Spring Run gets wet
Ronnie -- 6/9/2001, 1:33 pm
Re: Great job!!--Enjoy! *NM*
Shawn Baker -- 6/9/2001, 12:49 pm