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Arctic Tern vs. Arctic Hawk
By:Steve Nieman
Date: 10/2/2001, 4:20 pm

Ok, let's just say that I'm going to finally start my kayak building with an S&G kit. (Although I'd rather jump into stripping.) I've had my mind settled on Pygmy's Arctic Tern until I saw that CLC introduced a new boat (actually an established design), the Arctic Hawk. Does anyone have experience with the two of these and can offer a comparison? My concern about the Tern is that it seems to be a high volume boat, which is not what I need. It does come in a 14 foot version I know, but is that too small for me? I'm 5'10" and 190 lbs. I'll use it predominantly for day tripping and an occasional weekend trip. But after years of backpacking I'm conditioned to be a pretty light traveler.

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Arctic Tern vs. Arctic Hawk
Steve Nieman -- 10/2/2001, 4:20 pm
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