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Re: Georgian Bay
By:Rob Macks
Date: 9/10/2001, 5:27 pm

: The photograph below is of the Georgian Bay I built and reviewed with a
: thumbs up. A very nice design Rob and keep 'em coming. By the way, would
: you like for me to have the review removed from the Kayak Builders of
: Southern California website - you can respond to me with a simple phone
: call if this is convenient for you.

: Thanks,
: Joe Greenley
: Redfish Kayaks

As the saying goes, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery".

As suggested in a previous post, kayak design is derivative. We all look to a design as a starting point, an inspiration.

My records indicate you purchased plans for the GB in 1994.

When I look at your kayaks they resemble my GB more than any other design I know of. I thought this when I first saw your web site a couple years ago, At that time I thought No problem.

That was BEFORE I even realized you had bought my plans and built one of my GB's.

If you designed your boats before you built my GB what design did you base your boats on?

If you were designing and building your own boats before you bought my GB plans why would you bother to buy my plans?

You know how hard it is to make a living at boatbuilding. Try on my shoes

You put a lifetime of work and experience into a design. A guy buys a set of plans for a boat from you. Years later, you see he's gone into business with a line of boats that look pretty darn similar

What would you think?

All the best,
Rob Macks
Laughing Loon CC&K

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