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Putz Walrus *Pic*
By:Paul Lund
Date: 6/7/2001, 8:19 am

Hi All,

I had a meeting in the city the other week. I had a half hour to kill, so I stopped in at a nearby boat books shop to browse. I ended up leaving with George Putz's book.

Being an addict like most of you, of course, now I have to build one :).

Can anyone give me any comments about building the Putz Walrus?

I also have a friend who approached me to ask if I'd mind helping him build a kayak, so, is this boat suitable for a first time builder? I don't want to advise my friend to start something that he might not be able to finish, I want him to share my habit. Er, hobby.

Oh, and if anyone (Rehd) has links to websites about building these boats, please post em.

Thanks in advance,


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Putz Walrus *Pic*
Paul Lund -- 6/7/2001, 8:19 am
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