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Kayak carrier
Date: 7/8/2001, 5:26 pm

Help please. I am a 50+ female with a disabled husband, and I have just started kayaking. (he fishes from his wheelchair while I paddle around the lake with my dog). I am looking for instructions on how to build a kayak carrier (cheap)for my Perception Sierra (12 feet 45 lbs). I can load/unload my 'yak by myself (thanks Yakima hully rollers and cradles) but after I unload his wheelchair & fishing gear and my sierra, I just don't have the strength to carry it to the water. I can't afford the 60-200 dollars for a professional carrier, but there has gotta be a way to make one from some lawn mower wheels and other stuff from the hardware store. Is there anyone out there that has built one or can tell me how (I do know how to use basic tools) and it doesn't have to be pretty, just effecient. Please e-mail responses to me as I work 2 jobs and don't always have time to do much more than read my e-mails. Thanks in advance for any help that is forthcoming.

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Kayak carrier
Kathy -- 7/8/2001, 5:26 pm
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Roy Morford -- 7/11/2001, 11:55 am
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Shawn Baker -- 7/11/2001, 10:50 am
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Bill -- 7/9/2001, 11:21 am
Kayak carrier - link to catalog
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Dale Frolander -- 7/11/2001, 2:28 pm
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Scotty -- 7/8/2001, 8:37 pm
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Larry C. -- 7/8/2001, 7:26 pm
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