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Launch Day.... *Pic*
By:Charlie Lesh
Date: 7/22/2001, 3:04 pm


Saturday was launch day for my slightly modified Great Auk. Launch took place at Sunset Bay, NY on Lake Erie, just south of Buffalo. The kayak still needs varnish, and deck lines, and a seat, but I couldn't wait.

This was my first time ever paddling a kayak, so I can't really say how it performed, but it went straight when I wanted it to (tracking?) and it turned when I wanted it to (?), and it didn't tip over when I leaned to far in one direction or caught a wave sideways. And it seemed to be very fast!

This was orignally built for my father (pictured here), but I decided he will have to wait until I build another to take possesion of it. After learning this, he attempted to destroy my kayak by smashing a bottle on it at the launching....just kidding, but I really do need to build another soon for him.

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Launch Day.... *Pic*
Charlie Lesh -- 7/22/2001, 3:04 pm
Re: Launch Day....
Rehd -- 7/24/2001, 2:27 pm
Re: Launch Day....
Bob Deutsch -- 7/23/2001, 6:38 pm
Nice looking Yak, Good Job !! *NM*
Ed -- 7/22/2001, 9:45 pm
Re: Launch Day.... *Pic*
Charlie Lesh -- 7/22/2001, 3:09 pm
Great boats make great memories
!RUSS -- 7/24/2001, 1:54 pm
Re: Launch Day....
Jim Kozel -- 7/23/2001, 10:03 am
The boat looks great *NM*
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 7/23/2001, 9:49 am
Re: Launch Day....
John Monfoe -- 7/23/2001, 4:08 am
Re: Launch Day....
Dean Trexel -- 7/22/2001, 4:20 pm
Re: Launch Day....
100Grit -- 7/22/2001, 7:35 pm