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Insurance Question
Date: 6/15/2001, 9:20 am

I just varnished my Coho and would be seriously bummed if anything bad happened to it.

My insurance guy says that my homeowner policy would cover the cost of the kit only and I have been trying to find coverage for what I believe it is actually worth, without a whole lot of success. Now if it had a 75 hp Merc on the back or a 20' mast, it would be easy, but no one seems to want to cover any steenking human powered craft.

Now that it is done, I see insurance as a potential life saving product: it could save the life of anyone who for instance backed a truck over the boat.

What do you folks do for coverage? I've tried getting info from marinas etc on 'inland marine' coverage, but 'no motor, no coverage'

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Insurance Question
Doug -- 6/15/2001, 9:20 am
Re: Insurance Question
Al -- 6/18/2001, 9:42 am
Re: Insurance Question
Rehd -- 6/18/2001, 10:03 am
What you say is what you pay.
Al -- 6/20/2001, 11:11 am
Torture your insurance agent for fun!
Jerry Siegel -- 6/15/2001, 10:18 pm
Re: Insurance Question
Tom -- 6/15/2001, 1:06 pm
No luck here either
Brian Nystrom -- 6/15/2001, 12:31 pm