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Another Guillemot hits the water
By:Jack GIlman
Date: 9/17/2001, 8:48 am

Hi All-

After almost a year, I finally got my Guillemot in to water this weekend at the Cold Spring Craft of Craft Festivel. The Festival was a beautiful day, we had 25 boats ranging from 6-hour canoes to kayaks, sprint boats and 2 Whitehall gigs.
Our Blessing of the Fleet gave us an opportunity to reflect on the events of the week and gave all of us a needed spiritual lift.
Thanks also to Eric Schade, who came with 3 boats and family and showed us what kind of craftmanship is possible in our boats.

A link to some pictures taken by Mo Fridlich:

As far as the Guillemot goes, I loved it! It is quite frisky, but that's exactly what I wanted in this boat, It rolls sweetly and once I got the real seat in the next day it is quite snug and confortable.

When I get a picture of it, I'll post it.

Many thanks to all on this list, for your free sharing of your ideas and talents as well as your support in the last week.

Jack Gilman
Yonkers, NY

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Another Guillemot hits the water
Jack GIlman -- 9/17/2001, 8:48 am
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Shawn Baker -- 9/18/2001, 9:39 am