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Re: No staple method
Date: 6/29/2001, 8:23 am

Heres how I set up for stapeless. I use L shaped wooden blocks to hold my sheerlines to the forms. The blocks are screwed in with one screw. So you can pivot and adjust until perfect. Then set a second screw.

I use duct tape and load straps to hold the strips in place. Also I often will tension a block between strapping and a strip to create point pressure for a better fit.

Another suggestion: Use a plastic syringe to inject your coves with glue. It will make for a less drippy boat and it goes faster too.

Stappless takes longer as you can only do a few strips at a time. But it sure looks god on the other end

Good luck

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Re: No staple method
!RUSS -- 6/29/2001, 8:23 am