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Damage report
By:Kent LeBoutillier
Date: 8/16/2001, 5:59 am

Hi All,

My Wife had a bad day yesterday. She went paddling with a friend, The launch site where they went has a steep drop off where you park. When she went to remove her boat from the top of the SUV, it slipped off the saddle onto the rack and off the SUV. After it fell @ 6 feet it hit the ground and slid down a little hill. When she told me I expexted the worse, but it came through it all with a few scratches in the hull. They look like there only varnish deep.

But that wasn't the end of her day, when they got back she went to carry her boat back to the car and slamed the stern into a bridge imbutment. The result was she broke about an inch of the stern off.

I got it epoxied on last night and I'll reinforce it with some glass tonight, and it should be good as new. Don't let anybody tell you that a strip built boat isn't rugged!!

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Damage report
Kent LeBoutillier -- 8/16/2001, 5:59 am
Hmmm. Maybe her next boat...
Brian Nystrom -- 8/16/2001, 12:31 pm
Re: Damage report
Elliot -- 8/16/2001, 11:27 am
Steve -- 8/16/2001, 10:09 am
Wow! Don't trust her with a glass boat!! *NM*
Shawn Baker -- 8/16/2001, 9:42 am
Hold on there boys :)
Pamela Watson -- 8/19/2001, 9:32 pm
Re: When muscle doesnt work...
Don Beale -- 8/20/2001, 11:05 pm