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Guillemot L, She ROLLS *Pic*
By:David Hanson
Date: 6/5/2001, 3:51 pm

Hello guys

I particapated in the Louisiana Tinman this past Sunday as support in the swimming with my kayak. There were 12 or so canoes, 3 river kayaks and my sea Kayak. Although I offered all to take it for a spin, only one kayaker took me up on my offer. He took it out and rolled it, said later that it handled very nice and was very easy to roll. I have not installed any knee braces, but other than his knees slipping some it worked great. He and others really liked the seat and adjustable seat back along with adjustable foot brace. I built all from Nick's book, thanks again Nick for a great boat.

Now for me to learn to roll it!

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Guillemot L, She ROLLS *Pic*
David Hanson -- 6/5/2001, 3:51 pm
Re: Guillemot L, She ROLLS
Bob Deutsch -- 6/6/2001, 9:55 pm
Re: Guillemot L, She ROLLS *Pic*
David Hanson -- 6/7/2001, 11:38 am
The boat looks great! *NM*
Nick Schade - Guillemot Kayaks -- 6/6/2001, 10:43 am
Re: Guillemot L, She ROLLS
William Paul Clarke -- 6/5/2001, 4:47 pm