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glass layup
Date: 7/2/2001, 2:01 pm

Hello: I plan to build a kayak using a mold. The plug is almost finished. This will be a boat for paddling in the rock gardens of the open Pacific coast. The boat will be 14ft. x 23in. I have done some research on the Web but I still have questions I hope someone could answer. In a standard layup ocean kayak how many layers of what weigth glass is generally used? If I wanted an especially strong hull what would be the best Layup. It apears that a combination of S glass outside and kevlar inside is best.When using multilayers of fabric does one lay them one by one with epoxi in between and then vaccum bag all the layaers at once or each layer is saturated and bagged one layer at a time?
Thank you. konstantin

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glass layup
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