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Modified Great Auk...just about done *Pic*
By:Charlie Lesh
Date: 7/16/2001, 12:12 am

Well, here it is. I've been lurking on this board for the last year, picking up advice along the way, so thanks everyone for your help. It still needs a seat, and deck lines, and hatches, but I'm taking it to the water this Saturday anyway. This is my first boat, and really my first woodworking project of any kind, so I was afraid of accent strips and artistic things like that. I ended up with a couple hardwood veneer inlays, cribbed from Nick's book.

If you're wondering what happened to the rest of my kayak, I can't really explain, except that I wanted a shorter boat, and didn't feeling like inching all the stations in, so I just built it two stations short!

I'm not sure how this will change the performance, and to tell the truth I've never actually paddled a kayak before (as strange as that may sound), so I have no reference point for performance, anyway. I've got a good PFD, and float bags, and I'll be in shallow, flat water in Sunset Bay, NY (south of Buffalo on Lake Erie).

It was built as a present for my father, but now I can't part with it, so I'm going to have to build another for him, which everyone on this board knows is just an excuse on my part to get my hands dirty again.


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Modified Great Auk...just about done *Pic*
Charlie Lesh -- 7/16/2001, 12:12 am
completing the lines
mike allen -- 7/16/2001, 6:10 pm
Re: Modified Great Auk...just about done
Don Beale -- 7/16/2001, 12:26 am