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rain and curing epoxy
By:David S.
Date: 9/24/2001, 2:06 pm

Well, it seems that this is just one of those days, I started to sheath the ouside of the hull when it started to sprinkle, I had set up a tarp to protect me from falling pine straw and such but I got some raindrops on the curing epoxy and it turned a little milky in places. Will this go away or have I messed it up?? David S.

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rain and curing epoxy
David S. -- 9/24/2001, 2:06 pm
Epoxy cures when wet with water
eric schade (shearwater boats) -- 9/25/2001, 6:11 pm
the milky kayak
David S. -- 9/25/2001, 6:58 pm
Re: rain and curing epoxy
Bob -- 9/24/2001, 9:55 pm
Re: rain and curing epoxy
Jim -- 9/24/2001, 2:45 pm