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Re: Strip: Milky finish
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If you used West- ring up their tech guys. They're great, they'll help you figure it out.

My comment is that I did once use 105/207 and I mis-mixed a batch that was lean on hardener. I didn't realize until some time later- but it was a place that wasn't critical. Whenever it would get wet- at first just exposed to humidity- it would turn milky. I called West up and they said hmmm... shouldn't do that, it will cure and be fine, it might take a while. It was less and less milky and after the first season it never happened again. But- their techs will know.

Incidentally- I have switched to Entropy Resins "Super Sap" epoxy for my next project, and they do not sell any pumps for mixing. They only recommend measuring by weight. I used to do that for small amounts, but I bought a bigger scale and I'm gong to go all-in on the measuring by weight. It seems about impossible to mess up if you're using a scale.