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Re: Strip: Milky finish
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Rob, probably good advice but I have always wiped down with acetone after sanding the glass. It evaporates very quickly and I let it set for 1-2 hrs. before glassing again. I will not do that next time and see if it makes a difference.
I sand the bare wood, wipe down with a wet rag and water. Let dry and finish sand and apply the dye. Let dry for a day or so then an epoxy fille/sealer coat, let dry for a day, lightly sand then glass. No, the dye is not blotchy, it actually looks very good and evenly stained.
Once I apply glass I add the filler coats as soon as I can get back on the boat, usually about 4-5 hrs. so no blush to be removed.
I let it dry a couple days then sand and get ready for another filler coat.
After using water to raise the grain for final sand water never touches the boat again.
Acetone only touches the boat after sanding to remove dust. The blotches were already there before acetone.
My bedtime, I will send John a photo tomorrow and maybe he can post it for me.