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Re: Strip: Milky finish
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Thank you gentlemen for all your thoughts and suggestions concerning this problem. They all have merit but the single thing that disqualifies most of them is that I did the deck the same as the hull. Same products, same methods, same sequence as I have on all the boats I have built to date.
The one thing I could have done differently was sanded the epoxy to early. Apparently I have never done that before as I have never had this problem. I know I am pushing to get this boat out of the shop so I can get a kayak trailer built before spring so, for now, I am believing this is the problem until I prove myself wrong.
Tomorrow I am going to make up a couple of test panels 12" square or so and glass them and sand one panel after drying one day and the other after drying a week and see what happens.
Thank you again for your time,