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Re: Strip: Milky finish
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Clearly one can use bigger batches of resin, lower temperatures and squeegee application and have good results.

There are lots of variables and what works can vary a lot from one builder to another.
Figuring out a method and epoxy brand and type that works, and sticking to that combination seems to be the key to success for many builders.
For me, the Ted Moores ('squeegee' a.k.a. Bondo spreader) method works very well.
I tried a roller and it's the best way I know for me to make clear epoxy into a foam. Obviously, others get excellent results with a roller.
As they say on that internet place, YMMV.

MAS low viscosity resin with slow hardener will cure tack free in three hours @ 80˚. System Three general purpose resin with slow hardener will cure to a tack free stage after eight hours @ 85˚. That's a BIG difference in how long bubbles, foam and cloth can interact with thin resin.

I pay more attention to the curing time than the 'slow/fast' name from epoxy suppliers. I don't think I've ever had to use slow hardener from SystemThree. Depending on the epoxy system/ratio you can usually blend slow/fast hardeners to control the cure rate, if needed.
Low viscosity resin makes wet-out easier but it also 'runs' more no free lunch. :-)