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Re: Strip: Milky finish
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In the upper right of the photo I see a fiberglass cloth pattern in several places which tells me the resin didn't wet-out the fiberglass cloth properly. Resin was not thin enough for long enough.

The general cloud area does look like instances of uncured epoxy reaction to moisture that I've seen before.

BTW the simple cure for foam by roller is to pour resin OVER the roller cover so it has a minute to absorb resin and displace all the air in the roller cover foam, instead of pushing a dry roller cover full of air into resin.

Low Viscosity MAS is their standard laminating resin, not one of the special ultra thin resins like System Three Clear Coat.

Another recently revealed variable by Randy is the glass wet-out was three years old. Was that surface scrubbed for amine and sanded before adding fill coats?