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Re: Strip: Milky finish
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Jay, I don't know how moisture could be the problem but - - I don't know what was? I could see a mix not done completely but not 3 mixes in a row ? I don't remember the amount of time the stain was allowed to dry but it was more than 24 hrs. I used an alcohol base dye so no moisture involved there. I did the deck using the same materials in the same way and it looks great ?
The "muscle gloss" site recommends lightly sanding the area and applyinmg new epoxy. That is exactly what I did. The cloudiness got worse as I sanded. I applied new epoxy and it got worse yet. I sanded the new epoxy, it didn't get any worse but it didn't get any better either. Looking at my boat it looks like two different boats joined at the sheer :(
I am reaching the point that I don't expect a difinitive answer to what I did wrong. I will just have to be extra careful and hope I don't do "it" again.
Thank you gentlemen for all your comments and advice. If anyone has a thought later on please let me know.
Thank you,