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Re: Strip: Milky finish
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Mr. Bielski, West epoxy #105, hardener #206. My standard procedure for glassing -
Always use clean mixing containers - no I don't use waxed cups :)
Epoxy kept at 85 degrees 24/7 in insulated box
Shop heated to 70-75 degrees 2 hrs. before glassing. Shop always kept at 60-65 degrees.
Glass kept rolled in shipping paper in separate room until ready to use
Mixed epoxy poured on and spread with squeegee
Bubbles popped with foam brush lightly dragged over epoxy.
Usually takes 3 mixes of epoxy for a full deck or hull and I am VERY conscious of the number of pumps per product and that the plunger returns to full height etc. etc. (I am cheap and hate the thought of throwing away product just because I forgot how many pumps I just did)
I will be surprised if this is a problem with the West products as I have used them for a long time. I am quite sure I screwed up but I cannot figure out what I did - or didn't do.
When I first noticed this blotching while sanding the first coat it didn't look that bad and I thought it would disappear with the next coat of epoxy - - wrong - - it got worse.
This Petrel is my wife's boat, she just said to invitre you guys over for dinner and you can fix her boat while you are here - she is an excellent cook - - write your own menu - - even pay for your gas to get here - - bring your wife :))