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Re: Strip: Milky finish
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Yeah! Now I feel like we might be getting somewhere as this is entirely plausible. I do have a bad habit of "pushing" things so I can get on to the next step or project. Comes from trying to build kayaks, airplanes and houses all at the same time. I feel I have to move quickly and spend my time wisely.
Maybe something like this 'screw-up' will get me to slow down a little.
I had not considered that as being the problem at all John but the second I read your post the light came on.
I am not going to remove the glass and redo it as it is easier for me to just build another boat and give this to some kid at the boat launch ramp that tells me my boat looks nice. Jane can paddle it as is this summer. If she objects to much I will paint the hull as someone on this thread suggested
Thank you John, Thank you, Thank you :)