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Re: Shop: shop heaters
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: Hi Douglas,
: Insulate. Right now if you can.
: If by "stick built" you mean a wood frame construction
: with an external (and internal?) skin, you can fit insulation
: there quite easily between the framing. Do the roof space first.
: Heat rises.

: Make sure you can draft-proof the doors and as they swing out you
: can hang a "blanket" over the opening inside the shed
: to help keep heat in. If the windows give off cold inside, hang
: curtains on them.

: That heater will heat that space fairly easily, the size of the
: shed (uninsulated) would need about 15,000btu to heat it.
: Insulate and the heat will stay in longer. :) The heater is a gas
: fired one so I'd be careful to maintain ventilation in the shed.
: Oddly enough, an insulation blanket hanging over the door with
: the door open a bit will supply ventilation without losing much
: heat.

: Hope this helps,
: Mike Savage
: South West Cork

: ps, Did I mention insulation? :D

Hi Mike
Insulating sure sounds correct to me. Regardless of what heating system I decide to use.
My shop framing is built to overkill but the siding nailed to the studs on the outside is all there is. If cardboard is too dangerous and not sufficient enough to offer any advantage to heating the shop, I can get some
inexpensive Home Depot insulation and glue in place between the studs. That will come first.
This heating issue shot my budget to pieces. I will have to forego the CNC cut station forms till after the first of the year. Between now and then, I may try again to make the station forms for the O.I. since I already have the material.

Let's see what happens,