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Re: question
By:Shawn Baker
Date: 6/25/2001, 4:02 pm
In Response To: Re: question (Ben Staley)

: Hey Shawn, question for you.
: I was thinking about weight per linear foot on a kayak, a foot of boat in the
: center weighs a lot more than a foot at the ends....fatter. Do you know if
: you get the same performance advantages by adding the length at the ends?

Nope, not the same, but you might still get advantages. By doing what you recommend, you'll decrease your end volume with respect to the volume distribution of the rest of the boat. Your bow will knife more and pound less. With finer ends, you'll be less efficient at bow wave speed, but more efficient at lower, cruising speeds; have less carrying capacity and cargo volume; and more rocker than a linear scaled boat.

: If I remember correctly, you added another middle form? or maybe added an
: inch between every form.

I added 3/4" between every form. Dale Frolander added another middle form to make the Triple.

: What if I left the 4 forms in the middle alone and spaced the end ones out 2
: inches further? Would I end up with a longer boat with all of the
: advantages but without as much additional weight?

Then, you're beginning to change the design. You'll pick up some advantages and also some disadvantages. The only thing my change did was to decrease rocker and add volume (6% more displacement) when compared to the original design. The Guillemot "L" simply adds volume, and stays fairly true to the original design. Note that the paddler/gear/boat system needs to be 19% heavier to perform like the original.

I think you'd probably have a boat that performed similar to the G17, with better tracking, more windage, and about the same volume and paddling speed.

: Just thinking, no plans for a G-18 yet :)

It's a fun modification--you'll have to try it at R2K1.


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