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Re: Tools: Narrow kerf blades.
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I just bought a Bosch jobsite table saw, already had their folding stand. It's still in the box, just got it on Wednesday. It's primarily for working on the trim on the house in KY, moving a big table saw for home construction was out of the question.

Please let us know what you think of it when you get going on your house project, Bill - though perhaps you will be too busy to do much posting here...big job!
Those jobsite saws are good when you need to move the saw around, and I think they appeal to a lot of boatbuilders with small shops (or no shop, working outside or in the driveway).
I was going to post some pictures of used saws in my area but there were quite a lot of them.
Saws with rust on the cast iron table are going under $50. For cutting strips and stuff like luthier building, some of the older 8" and 9" Beaver cast iron saws are excellent and can be had in good shape for practically nothing. In Vancouver, I saw 3HP Rockwell Unisaws (and Grizzly/BusyBee knockoffs) listed for good prices (350 USD and up...).
So, if you had a truck, and a way to move a saw and a shop with space there would be lots of options.
My neighbor has a jobsite saw - I don't like to watch him using it!