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Re: Tools: Narrow kerf blades.
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Then replaced the belt with a link belt.

Link belts made a big difference on my saw and jointer.

Since I didn't use either of them very often, and perhaps because the shop was cool the regular V-belts seemed to develop a 'set' when left in the same position on the pulleys for days/weeks between use. Then, when I powered up the motor, there was a 'lump' in the belt and the motor was actually 'bouncing' a bit. That vibration was transferred to the rest of the machine.
The link belt solved the problem.

Another thing I did with my tablesaw was to consult the blade specs for recommended rpm. I found that the supplied pulley on the motor was too small. The blades cut better and more smoothly when running at the correct speed.

None of this applies to 'direct drive' tablesaws which are basically skilsaws hung under a table.