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Re: Tools: Narrow kerf blades.
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But a good Expensive belt drive saw is a luxury to use. (threw that in for you John)

In my area I could buy a good used contractor saw (belt drive) quite cheaply. ($100-300 CAD).
I agree that new tablesaws are expensive - even from Grizzly or BusyBee.
I haven't used many direct drive saws, but most of the ones I've looked at are in the 'disposable tool' category for me.
When i see a throat insert that's 3/4" (or more) wide on a showroom saw with a combination blade, something is wrong...and often there's not an obvious way to put in a homemade throat insert....but I haven't looked beyond the offerings at HD.
And they aren't cheap either.....
But you need to find a way to use what you have....