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Re: Shop: Dynel Tape?
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Back to the rub strip discussion:
IMO, it's a good idea to paddle (abuse) a boat a bit to see where the wear occurs, before adding extra rub strips.
A boat with a 'V' bottom from end to end can profit from a narrow full-length strip.
Other hull shapes may need extra layers only at the stern/bow.

There's little point putting a rub strip on the mid-line of a smoothly rounded hull area - the scratches will be distributed across the hull.

Most builders add extra glass layers at the ends when building anyway, and a boat designed for rough use can probably benefit from an extra 'football' on the hull. There's always a danger of adding too much weight 'just to be sure'. If you are careful when landing or paddle where the landing sites are 'soft', there's no point making the boat too heavy.
It is possible to make a 70+ lb strip kayak...don't do that!