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Re: Shop: Dynel Tape?
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Etienne Muller said:

Best of all options... Don't drag the boat by the bow toggle. Get out in knee deep water and pick up the boat by the coaming and carry it out. If it is loaded with gear, use both hands.


Bill Hamm said:

Yep, that's what I do. Can't imagine just dragging it onto the shore.
Bill H.

I guess you guys are serious with these suggestions?
A joke is a joke, but somebody could get hurt here....

Please make a video of this the next time you are on a kayak camping trip.

Please pick 'typical nice day conditions' (waves, but only a foot or so high). Make sure your kayak is loaded with gear - camping gear and food and water - say 100 lbs or so, not gear and supplies for a longer trip.

But, be careful, as there are a number of possibilities that could happen:
a) You'll break the coaming on your boat
b) You'll wreck your back lifting 150 lbs from a bent-over position
c) A wave will pick up the back of your boat, turn the boat sideways and smash it into your legs.

Even without camping gear, it's no joke trying to lift a boat by the coaming if it's got the usual day paddling essentials (water, lunch, emergency clothing and supplies, first aid kit, spare paddle, etc).

If you are paddling with friends, you can just run the boat up on to the shore , get out, and enlist a friend to lift the bow while you wade into the water and lift the stern. If there's camping gear in the boat, it will be more of an 'unweighting' exercise than really lifting.
If the boat needs to be moved a fair distance (across a wide beach or mudflat) a group of 4 paddlers can move a loaded boats using webbing carry straps under the hull.
Many experienced paddlers (guides and instructors) in my area (PNW) keep a short painter attached to the bow, so they can jump out, grab the painter and pull the boat up quickly in surf conditions.
BTW, when making that video in waves, you'll also see the benefits of a cockpit that's large enough to allow you to jump out quickly.