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Re: Shop: Dynel Tape?
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There is always the easy option. Keel Easy...

Yes - that's definitely an option.

I've helped a couple of friends to put KeelEazy on their boats.
I still have a couple of lengths 'on the shelf'; I decided not to use it on my boats.
It's a bit expensive. That roll in the picture would pay for a few nice dinners (with wine) in a decent restaurant. Hide the receipt in the same spot with the other shop receipts for your "Honey, I'm gonna same money and build my own kayak!" project. :-)

It takes some patience and heat to get it applied to a curve, so the stems can be a bit vexing.
It's soft enough that it will make your kayak 'stick' on rocks more than gelcoat or hard epoxy. Not a huge deal, but it does get small tears, especially around skeg slots, after time.