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In dumping surf conditions where the waves are very close together like we see in my part of the Great Lakes it is standard procedure to pop the skirt and hop out before you get to shore, then try and time it between waves to grab the bow toggle and run up the beach before you get dumped on. It's better than having your entire boat get beat up in the surf on rock beaches.


The faster you can hop out of your boat and get your legs moving, the better all landings work.
So, it's worthwhile practicing - something that can be done in the back yard at home.
I find that making a conscious effort to 'get the legs moving' as I'm paddling toward shore helps.
Also, be sure to free the back of the sprayskirt after you pop the front.
Wayne Horodowich recommends putting non-skid tape at the back of the coaming to give a good grip area for heaving yourself out of the boat.
If you are in a group, the first people to land should stand ready to pull boats up on to the shore (co-ordinating with the owner/paddlers).

Having a bunch of options - including the one above- in your 'toolkit' is useful when approaching an unfamiliar landing site. Some 'beaches' may be steep enough that you would be in deep water if you hop out too 'early'.

It's better to get a few scratches in the boat than to get a broken leg, so we need to be sensible.

After all, we build boats so we can fix them as well!!