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Re: Shop: Dynel Tape?
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Unless you've scraped the keel down to the point that it's somehow weakened the structure there is little if any reason to add more fabric.

True, but the fabric provides a handy 'thickness gauge' when applying epoxy or gelcoat. If you are pulling your boat up on shore often, you can wear off a good thickness of gelcoat/epoxy. Usually, the paddler grabs and lifts the bow and pulls the boat up the 'beach'; it puts a fair bit of wear on the stern at the mid-line, especially if the boat has a bit of 'keel' shape aft.

I wouldn't bother putting on a keel strip (especially at the stern) that wasn't 1/8" thick or more.
Rolling on epoxy or gelcoat one layer at a time to that thickness can get tedious.
And, if you are using gelcoat, you'd need to use unwaxed gelcoat for the 'laminating' layers, or sand between applications with waxed gelcoat.
BTW, if you are using gelcoat (polyester) you can use mat 'tape' which builds thickness faster than cloth and is cheaper.