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Other: Through-deck skeg experiences? *PIC*

I'm considering a through-deck skeg install in my current build (a longer Frej).

I'd appreciate comments and hints. Thanks.
I'm still undecided exactly how to arrange the skeg control line (in a tube under deck, or not) and also how much clearance to allow between the skeg blade and the box. My only skeg project has been a Reg Lake style skeel which has very little (0.025") space on each side of the blade - so far it's worked well as pebbles just have no way to work their way into the gap. Most commercial boats like the NDKs, add-on skegs (like KajakSport) and diy designs leave more clearance.

Here are some details on the design from Bjorn Thomasson's website:

Here's a clever implementation by Rune Eurenius: