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Re: Other: Through-deck skeg experiences?

no worries John,I wanted hands free!Did work with under deck but Skeg control turned out to be so infrequent I went for plan B.for more finess in setting.
Plan c is the shock cord down haul single rope up haul.Go for that and do an evolutionary throwback to simple.
I put a couple of brass tubes just under deck hight at the front and back of the box.Then it was about directing the control lines through glass reinforced ferrules the same brass tubes through both bulkheads.I learnt to pull on the control ball before pushing the other control ball.This unlocked the return side enough to release the system for sliding through.
Cavity width 7mm,Perspex Skeg width 4.5 mm (old caravan window).very sloppy but no rattles,that I can hear and locks her into the water just fine.My aluminium one from the same caravan bent too easily,might have been too thin.