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Re: Other: Through-deck skeg experiences?

I did similar on my Petrel.

Thanks for the info and the link.
Your first design had a thru-deck box but the control lines were completely under the deck?

I was thinking of a line uphaul and shock cord downhaul, with the line above the deck and then possibly 'diving' down through the deck to run in a tube forward, then exiting to a jam cleat on deck. That's how I did my Panthera rudder and I still have some Stellar tube fittings left over.

I have settled on a Perspex material

I was thinking of using aluminum - 3 mm or so.
Figuring out a chafe-free and rattle-free way to attach the control lines is on my mind now. Small (U) shackles would work but I'll need to attach some sort of plastic or nylon 'shock absorber' to prevent the shackles from banging into the deck, I think.
If I could find aluminum grommets to put in the skeg blade, that would be ideal.
Or, go to a thicker skeg of plastic. Glass or carbon would likely have the same chafe issues, but avoid the dissimilar metals problem with grommets.