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Re: Other: Through-deck skeg experiences?

Since fine grit is much more likely than gravel to be suspended in water and then flushed up into the skeg box, I minimize the surface area where the gap is tight. With only a small area in the skeg box where the fit is snug, I minimize the opportunity for the small grit to find a spot to lodge.

That's an interesting idea.

Grit/sand doesn't accumulate above your narrow restriction?
Or is the 'tight' section at the top?
With a thru-deck skeg it would be fairly easy to flush out the skeg box.

BTW, I also highly recommend offsetting the skeg from the keel line as a strategy for minimizing jams. It greatly reduces how much material finds its way into the skeg slot.

I don't know if I have the nerve to do that with a thru-box. ;-)
How much offset is necessary, usually?